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Qualifications, Experience & CPD

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Fee & Subscription options
Annual Charge €195

Membership levels, why do they matter?


L&DI membership levels reflect your level of capability, knowledge and impact in the workplace. Your member grade shows colleagues, clients and potential employers what you can offer as a people professional, so make sure your grade matches up with your abilities. You can put the letters behind your name as a sign of professional recognition.

There’s a membership level to suit everyone working in the people profession, from a Student Member building their skills for the future, to a Chartered Fellow putting their years of experience into practice.

Fellow FL&DI 10 Years at senior level
Member ML&DI 3 Years in Learning & Development
Associate AL&DI 1 Years in Learning & Development

Can I upgrade?

Yes its easy to upgrade, simply add your qualifications and experience to your account section on the website

Do they cost the same?

Yes, there is a flat fee for membership regardless of what level you are on.

Having trouble signing up? Contact our Membership Support team.