6 Reasons to join the L&DI

Members of L&DI have access to a huge range of benefits from exclusive access to professional development and supports, networking opportunities, and priority rates and discounts for products, services & events. 

1. Free events & networking opportunities

Delivered by top learning professionals on relevant and current L&D issues, and they are perfect opportunities to network with like-minded L&D professionals.


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2. We get great reviews!

Our members have great things to say, please read our reviews below!

IITD Profile Bronagh 13th Sept  2022_1

It is so important to be part of a community especially if you’re new to L&D. There is a fantastic generosity of spirit among the L&DI network and everyone is so supportive with guidance and advice. L&DI’s excellent mentoring offer is the perfect way for L&D professionals to easily connect with fellow practitioners.

Bronagh Matthews

DCU Business School  MSc Launch  Michael

Sometimes people think of learning as an individual activity conducted in isolation, but the reality is that learning is very much a social experience. It is a collaborative venture and events, whether they are workshop sessions, webinars, or keynote presentations, gives members the chance to listen to other people, and to develop your ideas alongside your peers.

Michael Harmer
Irish Life

IITD  Buisness School  MSc Launch  Kathy  13th Sept  2022_1

I am really privileged and grateful to be on the MSc in Strategic L&D. If it wasn’t for the support from the L&D Skillnet, I could not have accessed the programme. The funding offered by Skillnet Ireland is key to agreeing support and sponsorship for programmes within the organisation.

Kathy Shine

IITD  Buisness School  MSc Launch  Billy  13th Sept  2022_2

The L&DI sets the standards and benchmarks for best practice in L&D in Ireland. Having our programmes endorsed by the L&DI really elevates the value of the training we provide. It is a quality mark that connects our brand with the industry standard.

Billy Goodburn

Ronan Flood5

Accessing the L&DI resources database is a great way to tune into what’s going on in the L&D world. Whether that’s a blog or an article, it is crucial to keep connected with the wider conversation around your profession.

Ronan Flood
Warrior Consulting

IITD Profile Orla 13th Sept  2022_2

It’s a great way to keep yourself tuned into what’s going on in the L&D world, whether that’s a blog or an article, you need to keep connected with the wider conversation around your profession.

Orla Farrell

IITD  Buisness School  MSc Launch  John  13th Sept  2022

It is really important to our students that we are leading the way in terms of our own curriculum, and I would lean heavily on the L&DI for research. The research papers that they launch really give me a good insight into emerging trends in L&D and that ensures we are ahead of the game when it comes to our own curriculum development.

John Kilroy
Digital Learning Institute

3. Receive personalised career support

Our peer mentoring panel consists of experienced professionals who will assist those who can benefit from individual guidance.

image 48

4. Obtain professional credibility

The sky’s the limit when it comes to your own career advancement. Our commitment to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) combines the approaches,
techniques and ideas that will help you manage your own learning and development, focusing on outcomes and results, where you want to be and how you will get there.

Our education and CPD offer consists of a range of development opportunities focusing on the contemporary agenda;
from short, customised programmes, to an accredited formal qualifications pathway through our partnerships with universities and QQI.


Member Level_Peter FitzPatrick FLDI


5. Access to valuable resources & research

At L&DI we foster a community where L&D professionals can engage with and learn from leading thinkers and their peers. Our Knowledge Centre contains a suite of tools, recordings, publications, updates and opinion-based articles that provide you with the latest insights, research and resources to inspire your professional practice.

From our KnowL&Dge magazine to our blog, podcast, books and website, these are just some of the delivery mechanisms we use to keep you informed and abreast of current and ongoing thinking within L&D.

At L&DI we are big on research and our research questions shape the L&D agenda for the future, identifying the many ways L&D is driving innovation in organisations and developing workforce capacity in the new world of work.



6. Magazines

L&DI produces a curated monthly newsletter, and a complimentary hard copy magazine three times a year, KnowL&Dge, written by L&D specialists.


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