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Our magazine KnowL&Dge is packed with news, features, advice, information and coverage of the issues that most interest or concern our members. It covers the art and science of developing people and the systems they work in, highlights proven practices and emerging trends, and advances new thinking. KnowL&Dge will support you in improving job performance and achieving optimum career advancement.

IITD Magazine Spring 2022

Cultural Learnings

Organisational Learning

Carbon Neutrality

IITD Magazine Summer 2021

Learning Nudges

Returning To Work

Measuring the effects of learning

IITD Magazine Spring 2021

IITD Speaker Series 2021

Courage In Assertiveness

Hybrid Working

IITD Magazine Summer 2020

Rasmus Hougaard on Mindfulness at Work

Learning on-the-go at Greencore

The L&D Challenge of Deskless Workers

IITD Magazine Spring 2020

What’s Next for L&D?

FET Strategy To Transform Learning

Disability Awareness

IITD Magazine Winter 2019

Tackling The Workplace Of The Future

Leading With A Conscience

Future Jobs Programme Analysis 

IITD Magazine Summer 2019

L&D and Brexit

The Power of VR and AR 

CIMA Interview: Diarmuid Cotter, CFO, IBM Digital Sales Europe

IITD Magazine Spring 2019

Tapping into the Hidden Workforce

IITD National Training Awards 2019

Interview: Mike Doyle, COO, Kerry Group, ACMA, CGMA.